Specialty Hoppers

Custom Metal Spun Hopper Funnels

PartMaterialIDOAHProduct Page
TMS240116-90SS30424"12.50"View Page
Q246424-1SS30419.82"19.56"View Page
Q25744-00SS30436.06"86.75"View Page

Benefits & Attributes

Toledo Metal Spinning’s specialty hopper funnels are manufactured in house, using secondary forming processes including welding, polishing, edge roll forming and stamping. Request a quote online, over the phone, or email via sales@toledometalspinning.com. We stand behind our work with quality customer support based in Toledo, Ohio.


Typically Used as Feeders, Tanks, Chambers, and Loaders in the Following Types of Applications

  • aerosol filling machines
  • auger filling machines
  • coffee filling machine
  • coffee roasting machines
  • cone bottom tank
  • cosmetic filling machine
  • dairy storage tank
  • food processing and storage hoppers
  • gravimetric food packaging / filling equipment
  • liquid filling and dispensing
  • pharmaceutical containers
  • powder filling machines
  • sachet filling machine
  • stainless steel conical beer fermenter
  • tea bag packaging equipment
  • volumetric packaging / filling machines


Supporting You with Quality and Customization!

We can customize your hopper and are also happy to work with and support a fabrication shop of your choice.  Starting with our hoppers & cones typically saves money by providing a quick and inexpensive solution, while providing the highest quality, 100% seamlessly formed conical hopper funnels on the market.

While welding on the sanitary tube end fitting to the hopper cone, we use weld fixtures and techniques to provide 100% weld penetration to eliminate crack issues and improve strength versus competitors that weld from both sides.  Once we complete the weld, we grind it smooth.  The cone and cylinder of the hopper is one piece construction, with a tangential radius between the two.  The hoppers are formed from a single piece of  high quality stainless steel sheet metal, either 304 or 316 grade, sourced in the United States