Rolled & Welded Cylinder Fabrication

Rolled & Welded Cylinders

Custom Rolled & Welded Metal Cylinder & Ring Fabrication

At Toledo Metal Spinning we provide custom cone and cylinder fabrication services for customers in a variety of industries including aerospace, agricultural, automotive, building, HVAC, industrial, and manufacturing. We utilize state of the art equipment and the latest manufacturing techniques to meet the highest quality standards. Cylinder products are produced from a variety of materials, including 1100-O, 3003-O, and 6061-O aluminum, carbon steels 1008-1020, CDA 655 copper, 655 and 718 inconel, and stainless steel series 304, 304 DDQ, 316, 410, and 430.

These materials possess similar properties such as excellent formability, weldability, and strong corrosion resistance. Cylinders can be furnished with custom features including ribbed, custom formed ends, fittings, side holes, and weld flanged options. Forms are created by rolling flat sheets into a round shape, then sealing with a seam weld produced with Jetline TIG welding equipment.Once the metal cylinder is welded, a planishing operation is performed to smooth and strengthen the weld. Our processing yields accurate dimensions, with smooth, strong weld seams.

Size capabilities for cone and cylinder parts are up to 72 in. in length, diameters from 5.5 to 48 in, and thicknesses from 0.030 to .134 in. The tightest tolerances of ±0.030 in are met for parts up to 1 ft in length, with higher tolerances for larger parts. Turnaround times are 2 to 4 weeks, and all parts and processes meet ISO standards as well as our own internal standards for excellence. Value added additional services include secondary forming, welding, metal finishing, engineering support, stamping, embossing, extruding, and of course spinning.

There are cut out, edge, profile and welding options available to customize the cylinder for a specific metal fabrication application.Toledo Metal Spinning Company forms and welds high quality sheet metal cylinders to work with other TMS products.  Double flange cylinders are used as non-welded spacers to extend the height of the deep drawn cups and hoppers.  When welded construction is preferred, either a plain or single flange cylinder can be TIG welded to either the conical or flat cylinder ends. Using the cylinders in conjunction with our stock metal spun hoppers, deep drawn cups and stainless steel lids will permit a rapid development of a vessel that can be used for several applications mentioned below. For more information about our custom cone and cylinder fabrications or our other available services and products please see the table below or contact us directly.

Metal Cylinder Fabrication Processes Offered By TMS

  • A full range of rolling and welding services to provide you a custom cylinder or ring.
  • GTAW (TIG) welded products with the use of high quality Jetline seam welders.
  • Strict care to ensure the 100% penetration and inert atmosphere to attain the highest quality standards for weld strength, minimum porosity, and best appearance.
  • Formed custom ends, ribs, and flanges onto your cylinder or ring
  • Holes can be added to the flange areas or in the cylinder or ring wall
  • Welded flanges and fittings.
    • Weld flanges are especially useful for applications where the flange thickness needs to be greater than the wall thickness.

Common TMS Metal Cylinder & Ring Configurations:

  • No flange metal cylinders.
  • Single flange metal cylinders.
  • Double flange metal cylinders.
  • Custom cutout windows, doors on metal cylinders.
  • Custom steps and ribs on metal cylinders.

There are a variety of cylinder configurations: No flange, single flange or double flanges; beads on the flange(s) or the body of the cylinder; cutouts, windows, doors; steps and ribs – whatever your needs may be, TMS has a practical solution for you. Toledo Metal Spinning’s engineering team looks for ways to produce parts in the most economical fashion possible.

TMS weld cells are designed to optimize product flow and produce your parts the most efficient way possible. TMS weld cells consists of state-of-the-art cylinder rollers, computerized longitudinal seam welders, circumferential planisher and a flanger. We design the process to manufacture your metal cylinders utilizing Lean methods of manufacturing. Weld cells are set up to capitalize on one piece flow production methods in order to keep costs within your budget.

Use the TMS Cylinder Configurator

Our Cylinder Configurator is available for your use during the beginning phases of designing a cylinder that fits your needs while keeping your budget in mind. The TMS Configurator will give you tips on designing a cylinder with stock tooling available from TMS. Standard engineering “rules of thumb” are used in computations. Calculations are based on the information you provide to determine the most practical solution for your cylinder needs. Click on the “Configure” icon to select this informative feature.

Materials: Stainless Steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Copper, Aluminum, Steel


Custom Industrial Cylinder Forming Capabilities

 English UnitsMetric Units
Custom Cylinder Diameter6.0 to 48.0 in160 to 1,220 mm
Custom Length1.0 to 60.0 in25 to 1,524 mm
Flange Width.38 to .88 in10 to 22 mm
Flange Width Special, Maxup to 1.5 inup to 38 mm
Max Sheet Thickness0.19 in4.8 mm
Min Sheet Thickness0.03 in0.75 mm
Max Part Weight50 pounds22.7 kilogram force
Typical Part Production Volume20 to 5,000 pieces / year
Lead Time, Typical
Prototypes / Samples
1 to 3 weeks
Lead Time, Typical
Production After Samples
1 to 2 weeks
Hole Options AvailableYes
Secondary Forming Options AvailableYes

*  Forming the flange depends the flange width, cylinder diameter and thickness of the material.  Smaller the flange width, easier it is to form.

** Larger flanges are not as ideal with respect to tooling costs.  Larger flanges require the part to be supported throughout during forming, thus often creating the need for customized tooling.