Metal Finishing

We offer a high quality metal finishing options on most products manufactured at TMS.  Most exterior and or interior surfaces may be ground smooth to 125 Ra. or 32 Ra. with a brush finish depending on the part configuration.  For larger projects, we have established partners ideal for painting, powder coating, buffing, conversion coatings, anodizing, passivisation and electro-polishing.  The combination of our in-house and partner surface finishing processes and robust knowledge base is powerful and available to you to get the surfaces you need whether it be aesthetically pleasing, smooth, mirror like and or corrosion resistant.  The right part material, surface preparation and surface treatment is paramount when  your application demands it.  We understand and we work hard get what our customers need.  Contact us however you prefer and we will work to support your needs.  Become our customer, will deliver what you need.

Metal Polishing Services

  • High quality metal finishing with a brushed finishes 125 or 32 Ra.
  • Interior and exterior metal finishing available.
  • Expert staff available at hand to answer your questions about metal polishing.
  • Additional surface treatments and coatings available through our partners.