Seamless Hemisphere With Straight Wall

2.03 Inch Diameter, Straight Wall: 0.25, Depth: 1.27

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TMS has available standard tooling to form Hemispheres from metals such as cold rolled steel, stainless steels including 304 and 316, aluminum, copper, and brass. We have many different diameter tools  available, with some tools having a straight wall option. Check out our hemisphere tables in this section along with the various metals and thicknesses that we can form.

Benefits & Attributes

  • 100% Seamless Stainless Steel Construction – Zero Welds
  • Ideal for sanitary applications to minimize cross contamination
  • Customization options with holes, fittings, and hardware are available.
  • 100% MADE in U.S.A. – material and forming

Design Ideas & Applications

  • Small Hemispherical Tanks
  • Hollow Metal Spheres
  • Ornamental Hemispheres
  • Architectural Applications
  • Sheet Metal Spheres
  • Signage
  • Metal Tubing
  • Hemisphere Balls
  • Hemispherical Baking Pans
  • Small Elliptical Tank Heads

Return Policy

TMS wants its customers to be 100% satisfied with their order.  If an order of standard product needs to be returned, written authorization for the return must be requested to the company.  There will be no return of customized product if the product conforms to customer specifications.  If customized product is non-conforming to agreed upon specifications, then the company will authorize a return of the product to be reworked to agreed upon specifications.