Cylinders & Cones

ISO 9001:2015 – Longitudinal seam rolled & welded cylinders. Add formed features, flanges, holes, fittings or finishes. Available in stainless steel, aluminum & nickel alloys.

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Cleanline Waste Receptacles

The most durable brush finished stainless steel waste receptacles, period.

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Plastics Fabrication

TMS offers a full line of stock products for feeders, blenders and dryers including Deep Drawn Cups and Seamless Hopper Funnels. Customize your part with lids, handles, fittings, finishes and more!

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Food Processing

We produce high quality, durable parts such as hoppers, cones, kettles, cups and lids with the food manufacturer in mind. If you want high grade stainless steel parts and smooth finishes, TMS quality will be unmatched!

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Deep Drawing Services

Hydroform and metal die deep draw of stainless, nickel, aluminum, and copper alloys. Choose from our in-stock deep drawn cups, or build to print with fittings, holes finishes and more. Request a quote today!

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Standard Shapes