Deep Drawn Metal Domes


Deep Drawn Metal Domes

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Deep Drawn Metal Domes

Toledo Metal Spinning Company has designed and built the necessary tooling to manufacture several different sizes of metal domes offering various metal thicknesses and metal types. TMS utilitizes a unique one-piece flow manufacturing process to produce metal domes with very little throughput time and extremely high quality. This translates into quick delivery times and competitive pricing for customers.

  • Metal domes made to various thicknesses and metal types
  • One piece flow manufacturing
  • Custom hole piercing
  • Metal polishing
  • Custom design and fabrication


Design Ideas & Applications for Metal Domes

Deep drawn metal domes are used everyday through all sorts of manufacturing plants. Not finding what you’re looking for? We can build to print, or have your metal dome customized by TMS or the fabrication shop of your choice. Our metal domes are deep drawn and are available in various straight wall heights. Hole patterns can be pierced in the domes utilizing our one-of-a-kind dome piercing unit. If you require a polish, a robot polishing booth is available in our dome manufacturing cell. Robot polish finishes are applied quickly and are consistent from part to part. Our unique one piece flow manufacturing process allows us to produce metal domes with very little throughput time, and extremely high quality. This translates into quick delivery times and competitive pricing.

TMS has more than 75 years in metalforming experience, and has used the deep drawing technology for a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, military, ordnance, plastics, lighting, pharmaceuticals, dairy, etc. Our engineers have deep drawing expertise to help you design a custom metal dome part, and choose the optimal process to produce high-quality deep drawn parts at a competitive and affordable price.

Metal domes have a variety of uses including, but not limited to:

  • Vacuum Chambers
  • Vacuum Domes
  • Fire Pit Covers
  • Food Manufacturing Domes
  • Steel End Caps
  • Car Wash Vacuum Domed Sweeper Tops
  • Domed Garbage Can Tops
  • Deep Drawn Domed Enclosures
  • Metal Basins
  • Domed Metal Lids


Excellent Customer Service Based in Toledo, Ohio

If you need assistance in designing a deep drawing process for a custom metal dome part, please give us a call today for prompt, courteous, professional service. We can assure you the finest quality job for any deep drawing process. You will be pleased with the price and quality of TMS deep drawn metal domes.

Toledo Metal Spinning Company is dedicated to providing a quality product, high customer service standards and on time product delivery. Our engineers will evaluate your specific metal forming requirements in sketch or blueprint format, and offer you design suggestions in order to lower your production costs. Our spinning, stamping, deep drawing, rolling and welding services work in harmony to develop your product from prototype through production.