Deep Drawing Services

Build To Print & Stock Deep Drawn Parts

Deep Drawing Services

Experience in Deep Drawing

Toledo Metal Spinning has over 75 years in deep drawing experience and has used the deep drawing manufacturing technology for a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, military, plastics, lighting, pharmaceuticals and dairy. We have certified engineers on staff with deep drawing expertise to help guide you on designing a custom part and choose the optimal process to produce high quality deep drawn parts at a competitive and affordable price.

Our triple action hydraulic presses are state-of-the-art specifically developed for the production of deep drawn parts requiring more than one operation in a single press cycle. Our capabilities include presses up to 400 metric tons with 14″ deep cup capacity and a bed size of 48″ x 48″.  If you need assistance in designing a deep drawing manufacturing process for a custom part, please give us a call today for prompt, courteous, professional service. We can assure you the finest quality job for any deep drawing process. We also can provide custom metal spinning services as well.

Build To Print Deep Drawing

We use contract manufacturing to build highly customized, proprietary customer designed parts. We can deep draw large or small quantities, whether it is a one time part or repeat business. With in-house metal finishing, machining, and welding capabilities, TMS can deliver a ready to integrate welded sub-assembly. TMS offers pre-defined options for fittings, windows, brackets and much more. We invest heavily in our own tooling can produce shapes that are very close to the designed dimensions.  Sometimes, the design can be altered slightly to avoid an engineering charge, or a re-cut charge can be offered when the tool is no longer active and can be re-purposed.

Already have tooling? We may be able to use your existing tooling in our processes to save you time and money.

In-House Machine Shop

If we do not have the tooling to fit your needs, our machine shop can design a custom tool to fit your parts.  Deep Draw tooling can be designed for repeatably or one time use.

     Turnkey in-house tool & die services for custom tooling & DFMA Support

With DFMA Support you will reduce part cost, assembly time and increase reliability. Place an order for an assembly with us and we’ll collaborate with your design team to perform design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) reviews to streamline your assembly to reduce cost, improve quality, minimize inventory and time to replenish stock.

     Deep Drawn Prototypes

Before releasing a large volume, you want to make sure your part is going to work for you. With TMS prototyping, you can use lower cost metal forming options to ensure the reliability of your product. We want to work with you! Prototype with us and you will receive direct support from our engineers and sales team.

Stock Deep Drawn Parts

In a hurry? We may have the deep drawn part for you!

TMS flanged cups are deep drawn, providing you with a seamless stainless steel part that can be used for motor shrounds, enclosures, cups, lids, storage containers and more. The elimination of seam welds reduces the issues common with welded containers like leaks and corrosion. TMS can customize your deep drawn cup in-house, or work with your fabricator of choice. Common markets for deep drawing are: food manufacturing, hospitality, architecture and automotive industries.

Toledo Metal Spinning Company has designed and built the necessary tooling to manufacture several different sizes of metal domes offering various metal thicknesses and metal types. TMS utilitizes a unique one-piece flow manufacturing process to produce metal domes with very little throughput time and extremely high quality. This translates into quick delivery times and competitive pricing for customers.

Secondary forming options

With secondary forming options like Edge Rolling and Stamping, you can have your entire design fully fabricated with TMS.