24″ Diameter 304 Stainless Steel Hopper with a 1″ Straight Wall;

90 Degree Included Angle Conical Section


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TMS seamless hoppers are Made in the USA and 100% formed with zero welds, thus eliminating common weld related issues such as corrosion, leaking, cracks, sanitary, and porosity issues.  The smooth weld-free radius transition between the cone shaped bottom and cylinder shaped top improves both product flow and clean out for the applications requiring sanitary conditions.  You can buy online, over the phone, or email with purchase order for customers with approved accounts. We stand behind our work with customer support based in Toledo, Ohio.

 Benefits & Attributes

  • 100% Seamless Stainless Steel Construction – Zero Welds
  • Ideal for sanitary applications to minimize cross contamination
  • Customization options with holes, fittings, and hardware are available.
  • 100% Made in U.S.A. – material and forming

Design Ideas & Applications

Seamless hopper funnels are used everyday through all sorts of manufacturing plants. Whatever your application, you can have your hopper customized either by us or by a fabrication shop of your choice. TMS hoppers help to eliminate welds and improve product flow and sanitary conditions.  We can customize your hopper or work with your fabrication shop to save you money while providing the highest quality hopper on the market.  Our hoppers are routinely used for:

  • auger feeders
  • blenders
  • bottom discharge tanks
  • coffee roasters
  • cone bottom tanks
  • conical fermenter tank
  • dryers, air or vacuum
  • food processing and storage hoppers
  • food packaging auger hopper
  • gravimetric loaders
  • jacketed vessels
  • makeup / cosmetic packaging feeder
  • pharmaceutical processing and storage containers
  • manually loaded plastic injection molding hopper bins