TMS Owned Tooling

Tooling for metal fabrication

Customer Use of TMS Owned Tooling

In order to save on costs, we have pre-made tooling available for customer use.  We invest heavily in our own tooling in order to produce shapes that are very close to your designed dimensions.  Sometimes, the design can be altered slightly to avoid an engineering charge.  Alternatively, a re-cut charge can be offered when the tool is no longer active and can be re-purposed.

In-House Machine Shop

Not finding what you are looking for? We also can machine tooling in house to meet your specifications.

Spin and draw tooling are machined from the type of steel that will give the most useful life and economical cost, depending on your requirements of quantity, type of material formed and tolerances required. Our engineering department utilizes 3D parametric solid modeling CAD software for designing and MasterCAM to aid in the efficient precision tool design and fabrication processes.   Our in house developed standard library of CNC tooling enables us to swiftly go from the tool design stage to the CNC fabrication build stage with minimum effort and time while maintaining precision. Most tools are designed and machined in our plant for speed, control, and economy.